The Connecticut Wine Trail: Chamard Vineyards


It is that time of year again. I have been working my way down the Connecticut Wine Trail. Now, of course, living in New England we are not in the ideal geographical location to produce the best wines, but we do do what we can with what we have where we are. So far I am off to a good start in visiting these Vineyards. The season for 2018 has just started, and I have already visited three vineyards: Maugle, Preston Ridge and Chamard.

Chamard is a cute little vineyard in Clinton, CT. The view is great and the wine tastings take place in almost like a cottage like building.

Now, I am more of a dry wine person as opposed to a sweet and fruity wine person. And I prefer my wines to be aged in oak barrels as opposed to stainless steel.

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Of all the wines that I tasted at Chamard Vineyards, I will have to say that the 2015 Syrah was my favorite. I am partial to red wines. It was aged in oak. And it left a nice finish in my mouth. Not to mention, it also left me craving a nice cheese and cracker platter.

So what is my rating on the vineyard and the wine? 5/5. I highly recommend Chamard, if not for the food, then certainly for the wine. The atmosphere was up beat. The staff was friendly and new their wines and their materials, and the patio overlooked some of the grapes. So yes, I would say that it gets an A on my list. Thanks Chamard for the great tasting experience.


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