Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge (Can You Handle the Heat)?

Hey guys…the spicy korean noodle challenge…have you heard of it? I wanted to take a little bit of time to talk and discuss that for a little bit. First things first, check out some of the awesome videos below of people trying out the Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge. I guess that these noodles lay claim to being the spiciest in the world.

To complete the challenge you must eat the noodles as quickly as possible.

Check out some of the videos I came across below:

I do enjoy hearing these people describe the noodles and their experience eating the noodles. My boyfriend for one loves ramen noodles. Perhaps I should get him to try the noodles. I should dare him to do the challenge.

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So, when I go to South Korea, or, at least when I spend that one night in South Korea, this is something that I am most certainly going to have to try. I mean, technically speaking I can try it from amywhere, but where is the fun in that?

I’ll be honest, I do not handle spicy foods well. The last time I had truly spicy food was on a visit to New Mexico when I tried green chile stew. Long story short. I got sick. It was far too spicy for me. For a long time afterwards, I could not eat any foods with an inkling of spice to them. I have since gotten better and can eat slightly spicy foods, and mildly spicy. But even though this challenge is a bit old, I can’t wait to at least try it and say that I have done it.

And there have been a number of lists that suggest that this is one of the things that you should do or try while you are in Seoul. For instance, see here, number 14. I do not like to feel left out. I must jump on this bandwagon.

What about you? Are you brave enough to take on this challenge? Do you think that I will be brave enough? Let me know in the comment section.


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