How Shay Mitchell’s Shaycation Inspires Me

Hi guys! If you know me at all, you must know by now that I am a huge Pretty Little Liars fan. With that being said, I am also a Shay Mitchell fan. I love her. And I mean love, everything from her hair, her long legs, her sense of style and wardrobe which I so wish that I could emmulate, and her love of travel and desire to travel and experience new things and see the world. I have recently become obsessed with her Shaycations that she creates videos for and posts online. An example of one is below.

Now, I have wanted to go to Greece for as long as I can remember. And I have certainly wanted to go to Santorini for as long as I can remember. Seriously, every picture that I have seen of Santorini makes it look like one of the most instagrammable, picturesque, gorgeous places that I have ever seen and I am forever jealous of every person who has ever set foot there.

Above are just some of the pictures that Google Images yielded. Are they not everything? And, if I am being honest, one of the things that Shay Mitchell and her friends do while in Santorini is go to a nude beach. I would love to go to a nude beach. If you could not already tell from some of my previous posts, even though technically I’m American, I do not really feel American nor do I agree with the American life. There is a reason why the Greeks and Italians and those that live along the Mediterannean have a higher quality of life. And I do not think that it is just attributed to the olive oil. I think that part of it is attributed to letting it all hang out, all natural, the nude beaches and everything. What a vacation that would be, huh? Get an entire full body tan. I wish you could get tans like that in America and that America believed in having nude beaches. Why should we hide our birthday suit. I am all for being full on European. They are much more lax than here in the United States.

Also, in the above video, especially, Shay Mitchell talks about her love of food. And all the food that is shown in this video and other Shaycation videos just makes the locations look like they are to die for. To try all that food, all that good scrumptious looking food. Eat, eat, eat. That is so totally me when I travel and on vacations, especially to foreign and exotic locations. I love to sample and eat a little bit of everything and then ignore how much weight I gain. When I am on vacation, there is no such thing as calories, counting calories or dieting. I will have two of everything. So whenever I do decide to go to Greece, will be to eat and to take some cooking classes.

Any reccomendations?

So how then do the Shay Mitchell Shaycations inspire me, if not for the reasons I listed above and for her videos being epic? They tell stories and make the places really seem like a place that you would want to go and explore. And she breaks everything down for you and includes truly interesting things and facts. And most of all, she seems normal and relatable. And she makes her adventures seem fun; she seems like the type of person that you would want to go on vacation with.

What do you think?

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