You Need to Hear This

This video was sent to me the other day, and nothing resonated with me more. It is so true, so pure, so real. And it is certainly something that I battle with every day. I want you to read, listen to and truly understand and absorb each word that is said here.

Think about it. We should never sacrifice our health. This is your body. Your body now. And it has never been in a more true and healthy state. Do everything you can to protect it.

And remember, to live in the present. I know that for me, that is such a hard thing to do. I have made mistakes in the past and have made choices that I regret, things that I have not yet come to term with. I worry endlessly about the future and moments that have not yet arrived. That is not a life.

“We end up living, feeling like we are never going to die.” Well that can’t be true can it? I am conscious every day that I am going to die. And I try to make the most out of this one life that I have been given. I think I have been doing a pretty good job so far. I have been to 12 countries, gone parasailing, swam with dolphins, gone white river rafting, gone ziplining, gone hiking. Those things were great and incredible and have never made me feel more alive. I wake up each morning and swear to myself that I am never going to die without truly living and I mean truly living. After all, you never know what day will be your last or when you will take your last breath. The time to do everything you have ever wanted is now.

My mother thinks that I am crazy for planning all of the vacations that I am planning. But I am not. I am taking advantage of my youth, of my twenties. I only have one in a half more years before I turn 30, and, if inspiration from My Year with Eleanor is not enough, I am going to make it my best year yet. The year has just started, and so far, I have been to Atlanta, and up next is Florida-Orlando to be exact.

Like the video says, I am paying for an apartment that I am hardly ever in. What’s the point? Really, what’s the point? That’s not me at all.

We’re told it’s fine to have a 9-5 job. But honestly, that’s not for me either. I am doing it for now. But I am still working out the plan for my life. I do not like that idea of being rooted, of having an 8 hour a day job where you spend more time with your colleagues than you do with your friends and family. And that idea of not being at work but having that checklist in your head. I would ask how on Earth people live like that, but sometimes, I live like that too.

We work 11 months in a row for that one month of leave with pay. What is that? The part that truly resonated with me is where “we work so hard for a job that would replace us tomorrow if we dropped dead.” We’re all just simply pawns. I want more meaning in my life. I remember so much in Eat, Pray, Love how one of the characters mentioned that Americans work too hard. Too hard and how they do not understand the simple pleasures of life. And it’s true. They don’t. I mean, if I had it my way, and I could relocate or pick somewhere to buy a villa and retire, I would look at Italy and Greece-they just enjoy life more. They are more mellow and relaxed and understand how to experience and enjoy pleasure. That is what life’s about pleasure.

If there is one thing that I took away from my two month sabbatical a few years back, it;s that the Italians appreciate life, they do not rush. They take their time with their morning Cappuccino’s and they take extended lunch breaks, similar to Spain.

I have to force myself out of bed everyday, and yet, we call that life. Life? I think not. Something has to change. You need to make that decision to change. That first initial step towards change begins with you.

At the end of your life, what will you regret?

The pain of regret far outweighs the pain of risk. 

So what are your thoughts on this powerful video and the videos message? I would love to hear from you and love to hear some feedback. What are you doing to change? Please leave me some comments below.



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