An Insiders Guide to the Connecticut Wine Trail

For those of you who do not already know, I am a huge wine lover. I probably get that from my father. In any case, I will travel long and far for some good wine. Besides, sipping on wine makes me feel rather fancy. I love wine and cheese. But, I bet you did not know that Connecticut has its very own wine trail. You can actually get a passport to the trail and spend spring, summer and early fall gallivanting about the trail and collecting stamps on the Connecticut Wine Trail Passport. After which, you can mail in the passport by mid-October and then have the opportunity to enter the drawing. Winners of the drawing typically win things such as a ten day, all paid trip to Spain or jewelry.

Last summer was my first summer visiting the Connecticut Wine Trail. Some of the first vineyards that I visited where in Stonington, CT. Stonington is one of my favorite towns in the state of Connecticut. It has one of those old New England feels to it. The below pictures are from Stonington Vineyards. It is, however, unfortunate that none of my friends like to enjoy the vineyards with me.

The staff at Stonington Vineyards was absolutely friendly, and the wines were wonderful. But it is not just about the staff or the wine, the views were great. One of my favorite things about vineyards is overlooking the view or sitting on the patio.

I was also a fan or Saltwater Farm Vineyards. Salt Water Farm has such a nice rustic feel to it. I think, for me, that’s what did it. That rustic feel.

And sometimes, while you are out and tasting wine, you meet great people and make new friends. The ladies to my left, they invited me to partake in some wine and cheese with them at this vineyard. And the lady on the far left is the middle ladies mother. My mother doesn’t drink, so I can’t take her with me to go to the wine tastings.

Visit the Connecticut Wine Trail today.


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