How Traveling Helps me Budget

You know, travel helps me stay on budget. If I’m being honest, I plan all of my vacations from a year out. I can tell you each year, where I plan to go, where I would like to go and I begin figuring out how much money I need to put aside per month to afford that trip. I take a look at how many extra pay periods I have at work per year. I also take a look at things such as tax refunds. In fact, last years trip to Iceland can be attributed to a tax refund. And this years fall trip to Asia can be attributed to my tax refund.

I start looking at places to stay, whether I want to stay in a hotel, whether I want to stay in a bed and breakfast, or a hostel. And I will tell you, so far I have stayed at bed and breakfasts, hotels and hostels.

I look at how much I can afford. I look at if I am going to need to take a cab. I look at the cost of transportation. I look at events and activities that I would be interested in doing while I’m there. For instance, right now, I am looking at taking Thai language classes, cooking classes and heading to the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. I am also looking at getting a Thai massage. And as for Vietnam, I am looking at taking a few Vietnamese cooking classes and a few tours. I am working on figuring out how much things like that will cost.

So when I travel and I only have a limited amount of cash, it makes it easier to stay on budget. I know how much I have and how much to spend, and when in a foreign country, I can’t really afford to run out of money.

I have always been a fan of cash envelopes. I put a certain of money aside in different envelopes for different activities.

What about you? Do you have any special tips that help you stay on budget while traveling? Any suggestions for me that I haven’t thought of yet? Leave them in the comment section.


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