What’s in Your Bag?

Why hello there. Hey guys! I just have a little question for you. What is in your bag? Do you have those travel items and essentials that you simply cannot do without while traveling abroad, no matter how quirky and strange you might think they are. I know that I certainly have things that I can’t go without. Check out below to see some of my travel must-haves.

  1. Passport: Of course, you can’t really get all that far without your passport.
  2. First Aid Kit: This comes in handy. You never know what might happen or what you might come across while traveling overseas. Having a first aid kit on hand will mean that you are ready and prepared for anything.
  3. Travelon: Surely you must have heard of Travelon and how convenient their items are. Things from shampoo sheets to laundry sheets. You can’t ask for a better set of quality items. These are most certainly for the traveler in you.
  4. Personal Alarm: Okay, this one is mostly for my mothers sanity, but also for a little bit of my sanity. I will feel an extra layer of protection knowing that I have this should anything go awry during my travels. I do, however, have to double check that this is airline approved as it does include a lithuanium battery.
  5. Microfiber towel: Oh my goodness, the microfiber towel is everything. Literally everything to me and I am so frickin glad that I discovered it. There is no better towel in the world. I will recommend the microfiber towel to everyone I ever meet and share the magic of it to anyone who will listen or at least pretend to listen. For travel, for the beach, for the gym. This towel dries so quickly.
  6. The Solo Travel Handback: This handbook is like my bible. I love traveling solo. Always have and always will. I can wake up on my schedule, go to bed when I want, do what I want, go to the museums that I want, eat the food that I want, explore when I want and where I want. But this handbook teaches me everything that I could possibly want to know. There are no limits to solo travel. I truly believe that you learn so much more about yourself and about the world when you travel solo.

So what about you? What items are in your travel bag? Wht can’t you do without when you are on the road?


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