Show me how you Honduras

So, what’s next for me? I am planning another trip actually. Aside from the Southeast Asia trip. I am looking at a few other trips. And it’s actually great how I find the money and where I come up with the money to afford trips.

First, let’s take a look at Georgia. When I visited Georgia, I stayed with an aunt. In a few weeks, I will be trecking off to Florida. That is part of a work trip, I do not have to pay for a place to stay, unless I turn the trip into a vacation, which I might. I might add a day on and head to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I would like to see that more than anything.

In July, I am headed to Newport, RI. I do not have to pay for a place to stay there because I stay with my father.

So then, what about Honduras? I am using some of my tax refund to pay for this trip. Currently, I have 420.00 in that account. I have some unclaimed wages in the amount of 375.00 from a job that I worked when I lived in Boston years ago. So that makes 795. Then, I am putting $150.00 from this weeks pay check into that amount. That brings me to $945.00. Plus I will put a little bit towards this trip between now and the end of August. I am hoping to take this trip around Labor Day weekend.

Sometimes you just need a break from life, to rejuvenate, or fresh air even. And I discovered a place, island for that matter that is part of Honduras called Little French Key that has the city of Roatan on it. While their, there are various excursions that you can take. More than anything, I think that I would like to try the Exotic Interaction Package, Full Island Package, Mayatlantis, or the 198.00 VIP Package. I think that that is what I am most leaning towards, you get so much out of that one tour that I certainly think that it is worth the cost. No, spending money, even if it seems like a lot on travel is NOT a waste. You are spending money on an experience, on culture.

Have you ever been to Honduras? What are your thoughts. Leave me some comments in the comment section.


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