Southeast Asia Backpacking Updates Chapter 2

You are probably wondering all about my trip to Southeast Asia and how the travel planning is going.

Well, great news, all of my flights have been booked. Finally. Here is a look at some of the cost of the trip so far, with additions from my previous post:

One Way Ticket to Bangkok: $418.00 (you can probably get it for much cheaper, but I opted to fly out on a Friday) that way I can get it for much cheaper.

4 night stay in Bangkok Hostel, Once Again: 1960 thai baht ($61.00)

Cost of Hostel for 3 nights in Chiang Mai (Thunderbird Hostel): $36.00

Cost of Flight from Chiang Mai to Vietnam: $175.00 (and apparently you have to pay for the option of seat selection)

Cost of hostel, The Common Room Project in Ho Chi Minh: $12.60/night (63.00 for 5 nights)

Cost of flight from Vietnam to NYC: 606.00

Cost of Elephant Nature Village: 2500 Thai Baht

Cost of World Nomads Travel Insurance: 93.00

Vietnam Visa Stamping Fee: $25.00 US

Equivalent of $300 US dollars in Cash

$50 US Dollars

So as you can see, things are coming together. Although, I am going to need to get more cash out of the bank, because I would rather have more cash than I need. As opposed to not enough cash.

Additionally, I have ordered a microfiber towel, as well as a sheet for my hostel and my own personal lock. I have purchased an Osprey backpack, which I tested on my trip to Georgia and am absolutely in love of the design and its ease of use. I have even ordered a personal alarm. Hopefully I do not have to use it, but at least it will put my mothers mind at ease. I am also looking into getting a money belt or some other type of protection for my cash. The last thing that I need is to get pickpocketed or have my money lost or misplaced, or worse, stolen.

I have also begun doing so much research. I want to be as prepared as humanly possible for a trip like this. This will officially be the longest trip that I have been on. What on Earth am I supposed to do on a plane for 16 hours? I can only read so many books. I can only study so many languages and play so many games on my phone. And I can only sleep for so long. Hey, if you ave any suggestions on how to pass time on a 16 hour flight, please let me know in the comment section. I would love to hear them.

Also, if you think there is anything I should do or forgot to do or have not yet done in this planning stage of a trip like this, please let me know. There is so much to do that I am slightly overwhelmed. And, I have forgotten the fact that I still have to take the train to New York City and then the metro to the airport. It will work out. I am not sure how, but it will.

I have even started learning a little bit of Thai, as well as downloading apps and maps to my phone that work offline to help me navigate. Do you have favorite apps for when you travel? Mention them in the comment section below.


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