Are You Happy Now?

“Could you look me in the eye
And tell me that you’re happy now
Would you tell it to my face
Have I been erased
Are you happy now”-Michelle Branch


I have been pondering this thought lately. A lot actually. I have been pondering are people really happy or just really comfortable? So many people just settle. They settle for jobs. They settle in love. They settle with who they are, where they are and they settle with life. But how can you live like that? That’s not a life. Not much of one at that. This is some real food for thought. Please. I beg of you to think about it and think about your life. You only get this one life. That’s it. Would you want to die happy? If the answer is yes, then make that move and move mountains. If you are simply just comfortable in life, then step outside of your comfort zone and make a change.

Life is far too short to be comfortable. Quit your job. Take that journey. Eat the cake. Drink the wine and make new friends. You have my permission. GO!!!


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