State of the World Today (Won’t Stop Me From Traveling)


This is a post that I have been wishing that I could write for quite some time. But the state of the world today. There is just so much that is going in the world, and honestly, it is rather unfortunate everything that is going on in the world today. From Donald Trump sadly becoming the stupidest president that the United States has ever had, to the shooting in Las Vegas, to the Charlottsville Rally.

And within all of that, there is so much evil taking place in the world. So much terrorism and hatred and nastiness that I can never wrap my head around. When you are a kid, you see the world through rose colored glasses. As you grow up, the world looks quite different. I try to grasp it, try to understand why their is so much unnecessary hatred towards people that are different. I try to understand why the United States tries to keep the poor poor. That will never change. The government will never change. It will always be corrupt and people will always have selfish motives. Just once, I would like someone in power who has true, genuine reasons for being there. Somebody pure.

Still, in spite of everything I see, inspire of all the violence and hatred that exists today, that will not stop me from spreading love and sharing love and that certainly will not stop me from traveling.

One of my favorite things about traveling is getting to learn and understand different cultures. When you travel, you learn that most of what people say about other countries and people and places is not true. You see how hard so many people have to work just to survive. You get to experience new things, step outside of your comfort zone and try the local cuisine the way it was intended to be tasted.

I will never be afraid to travel because of what might happen or what could happen. All the what ifs. The only time we have is now and I fully and 100% plan to make the most of my now.


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