Southeast Asia Backpacking Updates

Okay. Okay. You are probably guessing where I am when it comes to planning my trip to Asia. Well, let me be honest. I only took a handful of days off work. Between the days that I took off work and the weekends, that is a 17 day trip. And I thought about it. As much as I want to see many countries in Southeast Asia. It is just not feasible in that amount of time. I went from wanting and planning to go to Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. Then I realized that I wanted to enjoy each country and the culture, the food, the languages and the history. I did not want to race from country to country and not get the most out of the experience. Out of each experience.

That being said, as much as it pained me, the first country that I cut out was Singapore. Out of all the countries that I had planned to see, Singapore was the most expensive. Then it became the choice of going to Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. If I went to Indonesia, I would want to stay at a villa in Ubud, which is also where Liz Gilbert was when she went on her eat, pray, love adventure. And don’t get me wrong. I really, truly want to go to Bali. To me it is the perfect place for some R&R and some reflection and yoga. And all in all, just a good opportunity to get away from it all. But first off, if I stayed in a villa in Indonesia, the cost would go up. Plus, it is easier to get a flight back to NYC from Vietnam than Indonesia.

So, as much as it pained me, I decided to just do two countries. I decided to do Thailand which I have been wanting to do forever, and Vietnam. While in Thailand, I will stay in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. And hopefully I do not get overwhelmed. Whenever I find myself in a new place or new country, I get overwhelmed because there is so much to see and do.

One thing is for certain. I have already booked my trip to the Elephant Nature Village in Chiang Mai and I am overjoyed. That was for certain one thing that I did not want to miss. I got in there and I got in there real fast.

And by the way, I have already booked my flight to Thailand. I can’t wait to live on the cheap and do these two countries of Southeast Asia. I am making sure to make the most of my twenties.

So if you are wondering about cost…I figured that I would break some of that down for you:

One Way Ticket to Bangkok: $418.00 (you can probably get it for much cheaper, but I opted to fly out on a Friday) that way I can get it for much cheaper.

4 night stay in Bangkok Hostel, Once Again: $1960 thai baht ($61.00)

Cost of Hostel for 3 nights in Chiang Mai (Thunderbird Hostel): $36.00

Cost of Flight from Chiang Mai to Vietnam: $175.00 (and apparently you have to pay for the option of seat selection)

Cost of hostel, The Common Room Project in Ho Chi Minh: $12.60/night (63.00 for 5 nights)

Cost of flight from Vietnam to NYC: 606.00

More updates and info coming soon…


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