Been there, done that (why Vegas is overrated)

Okay. I hear so many people talk about Vegas. Normally, Vegas would not have been at the top of my list for travel. I have never had any interest, whatsoever in traveling to Las Vegas. However, through work, I had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas. So I did. And I have no desire to go back. Why? In my own personal opinion, Las Vegas is one of those towns that, much like New York, oversells and under delivers. I do not think they can justify the price of anything they try to sell there, and I do not think that they offer much.

vegaslineHere are some of my true thoughts and why I think Las Vegas is a waste of money and so not worth your time.


  1. Food on the Las Vegas strip is far too pricey and not as good as you would think. I ate quite a bit of food on the strip. I wanted to sample everything. I had everything from fish tacos (I love fish tacos) to pasta to the fancy lobster and steak. And it was okay, but nothing to rave about.
  2. Alcohol is over priced
    I learned this the hard way when I decided to order a glass-a glass of wine. I cross-referenced it online. I damn near payed $17.00 for a glass of wine. And the glass of wine was not even that good. What on Earth was I thinking? $17.00 for a glass of wine?? No thank you. They charge that price just because they can. I’m straight with that.
  3. It’s really just for gamblers.
    Lined, casino after casino. It’s all just for gamblers. And with wishful thinking, I thought that maybe I would win some money here and there. I was so very wrong. That was not the case. I lost more money than I won, even when I won a few extra bucks on the slot machines
  4. Las Vegas is all show
    Seriously, there are so many shows that you can see while you are in Vegas. Some are excellent. I saw Britney Spears. I have been a fan of Britney since I was in grade school. I would say that I am a fucking devoted fan. But even the shows are expensive. Probably more expensive than New York. I am not having it.

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