How to Do Verona-A Quick Read

Verona! The city for true thespians and lovers of William Shakespeare. Verona was one of my favorite cities in Italy, and I do not have enough positive things to say about it. It is truly a magical and wonderful city, worth paying a visit to if you have the time. And, on the plus side, in my opinion, it was not nearly as touristy as other cities in Italy such as Venice and Rome. Ever since seeing the movie, Letters to Juliet with Amanda Seyfried, I have wanted to pay this gorgeous city a visit. And, in 2014, I had that chance.
The markets of Verona are another must see. Just booths and booths of food and meats and cheeses and wines. I swear I felt as if I were gaining weight as I walked through the city market. I wished that I could take the food back with me. All of the food. But, there is the little issue of customs. And of course that issue of space in my bag.

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