Why I Will Never Visit Iceland Again


Okay, I get it. This might not be the most popular point of view. However, based on my experience, it is my point of view. I have no desire whatsoever to return to Iceland. Sure, the pictures are amazing, and it seems like an ideal place to go if you are into nature, want to go to a more low class country. And by low class, I mean a place that is not inundated and overrun with crowds. In the time leading up to Iceland, all the things I read about it, the pictures that I saw on Instagram made Iceland look like an absolutely amazing place to visit. Unique foods, a different culture, a different type of Geography. I can honestly say that in visiting Iceland that was the first and probably last time that I will ever see a lava field.

In any case, in spite of the hype surrounding Iceland and the type of country it is, I think that they oversell and under deliver. And here is why!

    Okay, yes, I knew things would be expensive going into this trip. I knew it. Absolutely every blog I read about Iceland said that it was one of the most expensive countries in the world. I get that. I mean, they have to import everything. Absolutely everything, accept, of course, maybe the fish and poultry. However, I was not as prepared as I should have been for the cost of my purchases in Iceland
  2. Everything is so far apart
    Iceland, well, Reykjavik is not like other cities. Getting to and from point A to point B might take you a little bit of time. So, not a fan of that.
  3. No Public Transportation in forms of the underground
    Okay. I understand this as well. Nevertheless, one of my favorite things about traveling to Europe, is the fact that most cities are, more or less, relatively close to one another. They have easy access to the Eurail or even the underground train system. I mean, London has the tube. Italy has their metro and a very extensive one at that that was able to take me from the middle of nowhere town, Macerata, when I lived there, to almost anywhere my heart desired to go in Italy; whether Napoli, the Amalfi Coast, Perugia, Bologna, Pompeii. Italy is a very well connected country. Things are not quite like that in Iceland and it makes it so much more challenging to get around.
  4. Once You’ve Seen It, You Have Seen It!!!
    Okay, maybe I did not do the ring road and drive around the entirety of Iceland. But to me, one part of Iceland, likely looks very much like the other part. Very few trees, very few signs of life or vegetation. Lots of volcanoes and ash. I do not need to go back.
  5. The Way That I Was Treated at the Airport
    On my way out of Iceland, I was less than thrilled with my treatment at the airport. Now, maybe I am reading a little bit too much into this, but in the world that we live in today, how can you not? I was stopped at the airport. Okay, I get that my passport photo, which is valid for ten years looks like a mugshot, but hey, I had the fro going on, and we are not aloud to smile in our pictures. And who knows, I could have been PMS’ing that day. And then, based on the answers I was giving, somehow that subjected me to additional screening, at which point, I was selected for a random luggage check. They went through my personal belongings, screened my phone. Seriously? My iPhone 6 is cracked in like 15 places; no way that could ever be a bomb.

So, after all of these items, Iceland simply does not quite do it for me and failed to meet my expectations. What about you? Have you ever visited Iceland? Thoughts? Would you ever go back? I’m dying to know.


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