Fitness While Traveling

For those of you who don’t already know, I am a very active individual. I do things from dancing to yoga to barre to figure-skating to Lyra hoop and other circus arts classes.

But, when you are traveling, it is hard to do those things. It is challenging to eat healthy and to stay in shape. But, I always find a way to maintain my health when traveling; especially when it comes to growing accustom to another culture and societies food and food habits. Below are some of my top tips for staying fit while traveling.
No. This one is not silly, rather extremely important. Water helps all of our bodily functions, not to mention it helps make are skin glow and rejuvenate us. It’s easy to forget to drink water while traveling, so always bring a water bottle with you or by a water bottle from the local pharmacy.
2) WALK!
Walk long and far. Walk almost everywhere that you can. Explore, explore, explore. Get those steps in. DO not rely on buses, taxis or the metro system. For instance, when I was living in Italy and I arrived at my destination, my school, for instance sat upon the top of a huge hill. And once I reached, I then had to climb up 4 flights of stairs to my room. I tell you, almost every time, by the time I reached the top, I had to catch my breath. But wherever I went, I walked. I burned so many calories. Just make sure that you have a comfortable set of shoes, ideally with memory foam on your feet.
3) If you can, BUY GROCERIES instead of eating out. Yes, I did eat out from time to time while living in Italy, but when I traveled on the weekends, and went to the hostels, if the hostel provided a kitchen (most did), I made sure to go to the grocery store. This not only helped me choose extremely smart options, but it also helped me save on money and be more frugal.
I hope you enjoyed my BIG 3 tips. Is there anything that I’m forgetting? If so, please comment below and I would be happy to add. Thanks for reading and please, let me know how you like to stay fit while traveling.



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