10 Ways to Know You Have Become Culturally Italian

1) Breakfast is no longer breakfast to you. Instead of having pancakes, omelettes and strata, you opt for the traditional Italian breakfast of pastries and croissants. Muffins become a thing of the past.
2) You do not start eating lunch until close to 1:00 in the afternoon.
3) You do not begin eating dinner until 8:00 p.m.
4) Your begin ordering cappuccino’s
5) You begin saying “Grazie” after someone does anything for you. Always. Grazie. Grazie. Grazie mille.
6) You begin kissing your friends once on each cheek
7) You take your time eating your meals. Eating Italian meals and eating meals as a family is a common practice in Italy. Meals are meant to be enjoyed, so you take your time and savor each bite, your glass of wine and the good company you are in.
8) You start eating apperitivos regularly. Instead of happy hour, you enjoy these as your pastime.
9) Pasta has become a staple of your mealtimes.
10) Easter has become one of your biggest holidays.

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