The Food of Bangkok

For those of you who don’t already know, I am a huge foodie. I mean, it seriously seems that when I travel, I literally do nothing but eat food. And sometimes I do not even have to travel that far to eat food. Sometimes, if it is a food festival, even in my home state, it seems that I will do nothing but go from vendor to vendor and booth to booth sampling the food, trying the food and indulging in the food. I have no shame in that whatsoever. It”s not just about eating the food. It is about experiencing another culture and way of life. I bet that in Bangkok, there are some foods that by western standards are viewed as so different and strange, and why would you eat that?
I mean, years ago, when I visited New Orleans, I as so excited to try the food of New Orleans. I mean, everything from Beignets, to Red Beans and Rice to Gumbo. So much history and rich culture in New Orleans. If one city knows how to cook, it’s this one.
So, it should then come as no surprise to you that I have already started researching the food and street food of Bangkok and of Thailand. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.
Probably one of my first things to do, aside from rest upon arriving in Thailand, will be to explore all the different street food and stands and street stalls. Yum.
Here, one of my favorite bloggers discusses the biggest street food hubs and places to eat. He even discusses eating Boat Noodles. Now, I have never had boat noodles in my life, but it certainly gives me something to try. I am excited to see all the colors and layers of the food in Bangkok. T & K Seafood seems to be the talk of the town. And what about Nasty Pig Bits? Basically, I am all for anything addictive and anything that tastes good. I’m young yet. Don’t judge me on what I eat.
Sometimes, I just want to be like, okay, can I get fat now? From what I have read and researched so far, the food is everything and more. When I go to Thailand, I shall do the same thing I do when I go to food festivals. I shall go from stall to stall to stall, simply eating, tasting, sampling until I can no longer taste anymore. I will certainly need to put aside extra money in my backpacking budget specifically geared towards street food and Thai cooking classes. Ginger Soup with Black Sesame Filled Dumplings sounds like absolutely everything and more to me.  I’ll come back and you want even recognize me.
I literally take this Thai Food Eating Map and walk around from street to street, after I learn how to use a map of course. After all, I am a millennial, no? I will even have to check out this Eating Thai Food site for some more in site on the know all.
Another part of my trip might have to be dedicated to the desserts and going on the hunt for the perfect dessert. I am getting fat just looking at some of these pictures. I am even keeping a running record of the best Thai dishes to try while I am there.



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