2018 Travel Updates

Hey there! So, I have been incredibly busy planning my backpacking trip through South East Asia. All the time and research I have done to plan for this trip has been so time consuming. Unbelievably time consuming. But, it has been interesting to say the least. I am still trying to research the countries that I would like to visit. My itinerary, the countries I hope to visit and the flights and layovers I plan to take and do have undergone so many changes just in the past few weeks alone.
My initial plan was to go to Thailand, then Cambodia, then Vietnam and then Japan. That’s a lot. It really is, especially given the amount of time. I have always been that way though. The type of person who lacked focus. I want to do everything, see everything and most importantly eat everything. After additional research, I decided that for the time being, Cambodia is not a place that I would like to go right now, at least not as part of the trip. Based on my research, it does not seem to be the safest place to go right now. And as you may recall, I considered doing a layover in Doha. I have never been to the Middle East. After more and more research, I decided that flying into Doha, literally made no sense. I would essentially be passing my destination, only to turn around and fly back to Bangkok. Whereas, if I fly Eva Airlines into Taipei, it is on m way to Bangkok. I have decided, it makes a lot more sense to fly into Taipei.
And, after researching more on Vietnam and how the Vietnamese treat tourists, I am a little bit hesitant to having that country on my list of places to visit; especially when I have researched all the scams, and how often tourists have been cheated and lied to.
For certain, I can say the very first place and the very first hub that I will be stepping into as part of this journey and in this phase of my life will be Thailand. I have heard nothing but positive things about Thailand. In fact, in the past, I had even considered teaching in Thailand. Yes, teaching in England. I plan to spend about 78% of my journey in Thailand, visiting Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Currently, I am in the midst of creating that budget, which, like my travel plans, has also undergone so many changes. As I type this, I am currently thinking of extending my trip in Thailand. The reason coming after reading this great article by Indie Traveler. He mentions not planning too much and not over extending yourself. I am an over planner as I mentioned above. But, at the same time, I truly want to see the countries I’m in and truly immerse myself in their culture. And hey, cutting back on the countries that I plan to see may also help cut back on the costs. All I know so far is that I want to enjoy my trip and not spend 90% of it traveling from city to city and ending up far too tired to do much of or see anything.
I found this link from Indie Traveler to be rather helpful: https://www.indietraveller.co/south-east-asia-itineraries/
The Indie Traveler even created this great itinerary that helps with budgeting Thailand. For me, and where my budget currently stands, that is easily doable. Right now, I currently have $600.00 saved towards this backpacking expat adventure. After this trip, I will have officially touched down on 3 continents. How great will that be?
The Indie Traveler even offered this great itinerary for Thailand. Not sure if I’ll follow it exactly, because I like to have a plan and I already know what I would like to see and do. First things first, I would love to see the sky bars, and visit the Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai. And I absolutely must have the famous Thai massage. I am pretty dead set on spending time in Thailand.
As I plan, I have also been looking at the Indie Travelers budget tips and suggestions here. 
Let’s get one thing straight. I love to eat. When I travel, eating is one of my favorite things to do. I have heard nothing but the positive things about the food of Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. And I love to cook. I can’t wait to travel to Asia and try new foods and immerse myself in a new culture and even take some cooking classes abroad.
However, after a lot of research, I have decided to travel to Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. Something that I believe I can do for 2,000.00. I would like to fly into Thailand-Bangkok and stay for a few days before taking an over night trip into Chiang Mai. I will stay in Chiang Mai for a few days before flying into Singapore. I do hear that Singapore is rather expensive. From Singapore, after a few days, I will wrap up my trip in Vietnam. When I do fly back, I am looking at flying through Vancouver where I can spend a few hours and see the famous suspension bridge.



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