A Day on the Amalfi Coast


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I wish I could say exactly what town of the Amalfi Coast I was in when I visited Italy. Unfortunately, I don’t know. All I know is that where I went was a three hour bus ride from Napoli, the town that I was staying in at the time. I bought a ticket, by stumbling my way through Italian, waited at the bus station and then hopped on that bus surrounded by the Italian language. That was the longest three hour drive of my life. And I certainly do not think I will ever get on a bus down to the Amalfi Coast again. I have never been so scared for my life. The twists and the turns down to the coast. I have no idea how the buses do it, day in and day out. Those drivers are so amazing to be able to navigate the twists and turns of those winding roads on the coast. And there is no barrier. If a bus goes over the side, we would have all plummeted to our deaths, straight into the Mediterranean sea we would go. I do not think that I have ever prayed so much in my entire life.
The Amalfi Coast makes for a lovely day trip. While I would have loved to spend more time there, I was happy with the time I had.
Here are just some of the things I did while I was on the coast:
1) Enjoyed the clear blue beaches.
2) Enjoyed one of my favorite Italian meals, Linguine con le vongole or (linguine with clams).
3) Sipped a glass of white wine. Normally I am not a white wine person, but something about being surrounded  by Italian culture makes white wine taste so much better
4) Wandered the streets, explored the stores and got lost. I love getting lost. It gives you the opportunity to truly find yourself.
5) People watched



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