Goals For 2018

Hi all! Can you believe that there are only a few days left of 2018. 2017 was a meh kind of year for me. It was crazy between starting a new job and I don’t know life. In any case, I have so many plans for 2018. I just hope that I can afford them all. Either way, I am going to make it work. And I am going to make it work at a fairly inexpensive cost for each of them.
First on the list is learning to fly an airplane. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “do something every day that scares you.” Well, I might travel a lot, which entails flying. However, I have never been at the controls. It is simply something that I have always wanted to try. I found a nice place in Connecticut, the Premier Flight School that offers introductory flights.
I also plan to go Hang Gliding. Now that one has been on my list for quite sometime. Now, I have been in a glider airplane before, but I think before flying in a glider, hang gliding is the closest thing to soaring like the birds. I remember, however, after I went hang gliding, and I shared the story with my friends, they thought that I was absolutely crazy for flying in a plane that had no engine. Honestly, I wasn’t even scared. Not even a little bit. It was the most peaceful thing that I had ever felt. It was so quite and relaxing.
I also plan to go Ice-Climbing. That is another one that I have wanted to try for quite sometime.
The Coastal Wine Trail is something else that I would like to try. Parts of the Connecticut Wine Trail and the Coastal Wine Trail overlap. For instance, those vineyards that are in Stonington and Preston, CT.
And of course, the biggest trip this year that I have absolutely been raving about. I would like to spend a few weeks backpacking through Asia. Southeast Asia to be exact. So far, I have only ever touched base on two continents. North America and Europe. It would be nice to see something else for a change. The way I am planning the trip, I am hoping, on the way back to fly through Vancouver to see the Capilano suspension bridge.   
Visit the CN Tower in Toronto. And yes, I would like to do the Edge Walk inspire of my fear of heights.
Visit Germany for Oktoberfest.
Visit Santorini, Greece. The pictures that I have seen to date are absolutely breath taking.
Launch my website. This website. The Frugal Expat. How to be black and frugal abroad. Of course. That’s easy enough to check off my list.
Finish learning my Italian and French.
Visit Atlanta.
Write 2 blog posts a week.
Finish studying for the foreign service exam.
I have already started planning which weekends I will be heading up to do what. Stay tuned for hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, and any other information that might interest you. I am your go to source.



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