Club Quarters Hotel NYC-A Review

I recently returned from a trip to NYC for the New Years weekend. My mother and I got a great deal for the holiday. A hotel that would normally cost us $1,000.00 just for the two nights, had ended up only costing just under $400.00. However, the hotel was truly a disappointment, and I was less than pleased with the service and style of the hotel room. Everything, to me, at Club Quarters was underwhelming.
First, my mother and I had arrived at the incorrect Club Quarters hotel. When we arrived, the man at the front desk called the alternate location, believing that we had simply arrived at the incorrect location. When he called, the alternate location said that they did not have an individual under my mothers name listed at the hotel. As such, my mother called the number she was given via the registration site, and they called the alternate hotel and then called us back saying that everything was all set and that we should be good to go. So, we walked another two blocks in 7 degree weather to the other Club Quarters hotel location. When we arrived, the lady at that front desk said that we were not on the list. Lucky for us, the guy next to her, also working at the front had mentioned that he put the notes in and had made the adjustments and that we were all set. Of course, you can imagine our frustrations, after two hours of trying to reach our destination. After long hours of traveling, the only thing that you want to do is rest, take a break, have some tea and plop your head down on the pillow.
The Club Quarters hotel lobby was rather small for my taste. It was not a very welcoming environment. There was no real art or decor that warmed the place up. Even the staff and the staff reception and response to rectifying problems was mediocre at best.The hotel room was rather small. The hotel seemed very dated and in much need of being updated. Paint was even chipping on the walls, and the bathroom was not clean enough for my taste, especially the showers. I am very big on needing a perfectly clean space.
Even the restaurant at the hotel had mediocre food at best. And it was clear that the chairs needed to be replaced.
In spite of my opinion, the Club Quarters hotel has managed to snag a 4 star rating on Trip Advisor. However, after reading through some of the reviews, I noticed that there were quite a handful of people who felt the same as I did about the Club Quarters hotel. One visitor from Spain said, and I quote, “certainly not worth the money.” I could not agree with him more. The hotel was overrated and far more money than it needed to be for the type of service that we were receiving there. If we are spending the money to stay at the hotel, we should be getting quality service as well.
Please take my review with a grain of salt. Perhaps it was just my experience that one time. Would I ever stay at this hotel again? No. Would I ever recommend this hotel to anyone? Probably not.

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