Travel Adventures 2018

So, it is that time of year again. I have already started thinking about 2018. I have started thinking and planning with where I would like to go. For a while, I had considered returning to Europe. Perhaps purchasing a Eurail pass or an interrail pass and gallivanting across Europe. But, after much thought and consideration, I felt as if I have been to Europe so many times, and Europe is such an expensive area. I want to go somewhere where the US dollar can go much further. So, after careful thought and consideration, I thought that it might be a good idea to take a one month sabbatical. Especially since my boyfriend and I are eventually going to get married and have kids some day, there is a whole lot that I would like to do and see and explore before fully settling down 100%. So, for 2018, I was weighing the idea of visiting Asia. I have never touched down or visited Asia. I want to maximize the hours that I get off work for time off. I was thinking it might be an absolutely fantastic birthday gift to myself for my 29th birthday. 29 is a big year without actually being 30. 29! Wow. It’s hard to believe all of the things that I have been through and done and learned and experienced and explored in my first 28 years of life. I have a pretty good feeling about 29. But I need this month long sabbatical.
I was looking at flying into Bangkok and spending a few days in Bangkok and then taking one of those overnight buses to Chiang Mai  before returning back to Bangkok. I would also like to spend a few nights in Cambodia, Vietnam and then end my trip by spending a few nights in Japan. I have wanted to go to Japan for as long as I can remember. Actually, ever since we did an entire study on Japan when I was in second grade.
I am thinking of maximizing my work vacation days by taking July 4th off since we do not work that day. I am rolling over approximately 62 hours from 2017, and I gain approximately 12 hours a month of PTO at the end of each month. So, if I do not use any PTO between January 2018 and July of 2018, that amounts to approximately 16 days. But of course, there are the hours between November and December, not yet included in that number. So, that will amount to anywhere between 16 and 19 days. Let’s say that I am able to take 19 days off, not including the PTO I get from July 4th. If we include weekends, that is essentially an entire month off that I can get for this one month sabbatical to travel around Asia and visit various countries on the cheap US dollar. The most expensive part of this whole trip will probably be the flight tickets.
travel 20182

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