How I plan to eat my way through Hungary & Austria

How do I plan to eat my way through Hungary and Austria? Well that is a bit of a loaded question, don’t you think? I would not even know where to begin.

When I travel, I do so with no guilt. I will eat everything, and I mean, absolutely everything in sight and not feel guilty about it. God wanted me to be happy, so he made all this food a possibility and made sure that it was in reach. So often when we go out to eat, we scarf food down, we forget that dinning is an experience. But for me, dinning is an experience. I like to enjoy my wine, my beer, the food in my mouth, each and every single bite. I want to savor it.

Of course, I always do my research and I poked around to find some of the best foods that are must tries and must eats while I’m away.

According to a CNN article, the very first sentence is dieting in Hungary is not recommended. Don’t have to tell me twice. I’ll even try street food. After all, life is all about experiences, isn’t it?

One of my favorite foods is Parika Chicken, so now I get to travel to the place that is known for it. The way I see things is that every food needs to be tried and tasted at least once.


More than anything, I am really looking forward to trying some of that cold cherry soup. Some times I wonder about the history of food and how different foods originate. I will stop inside every cafe and every restaurant and order food from every street car. At the end of the day, my only goal, my only mission in life is to create a life that I do not need a vacation from.

So how close is Austrian food to German? I love German food. In fact, there is this greet German restaurant in my town called East Side Restaurant. And oh my goodness the food is to die for. But there is something about eating the food in the country it originated, on a patio or outside or even sitting at an outside bar. It’s the environment, the atmosphere.

I was thinking that schnitzel may very well be the way to go.


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