Why I’m not afraid of dining alone

When I was young, while I was growing up, I always had to be around people. I always needed attention, and I hated being alone or doing things by myself. Funny how things change. Call me selfish if you will, but now I love doing things alone. Something that I always have to tell people is, just because I’m alone does not mean I’m lonely. I used to be afraid of being alone with my thoughts. Now I love it. I discover things about myself that I never even knew where there.

I enjoy reading a nice book, The Great Gatsby or A Street Car Named Desire, sipping a glass of wine and enjoying a meal. I like dating myself. I like taking myself out. Maybe I am straying from the norm a bit. Maybe I am not doing what is expected of me, but why should I? How about you tell me what I will get from following the herd?

When I’m alone, I can distress. I can relax. I can think about my friends, my family, my life. I can reflect. I can look deep inside myself and I can even work on self-improvement. I can become a better version of me.I can find peace and solace and tranquility. To me, that is the most important part. I can enjoy the flavors of my meal and the wine. I can strike up conversations with strangers and the people sitting next to me at the bar. I think that that is one of my favorite things about traveling, and dining solo, is that you will never know who you meet or who you strike up a conversation with. Some of my best friends are people that I might while traveling. Everybody has their own unique story to tell. You would be amazed what you learned about people if all you did was listen.


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