Some of the best adventures I’ve ever had

Some of the best adventures I have ever had came from my half baked plans.

Someone today, a friend, called me brave, for doing a lot of the things that I have been doing lately, like gliding, and of course there was the amazing cooking class I took the other day while I was on my road trip in Vermont. But, I am not brave. I am not fearless. There is really only one difference between those who do things and those who wish they could. Those that do things do so in spite of fear. As “A Cinderella Story” once put it, “do not let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the tame.” What do you have to be afraid of really? Often times, things are not as scary as they seem. Sometimes you have to just be. For instance, me…I just want to live my life. I have no clue where I get my sense of adventure from, but it is there. It is alive and well, and itching to be released at every moment, at every twist and turn. I need adventure in my life. As much as I want to get married or have someone who I love enough and who loves me to spend the rest of our life and all our lives to come together, I also could not imagine not living the exciting, thrilling and exhilarating life that I am living right now. Sometimes, to me, marriage seems boring. After all, new people are only new for a day.

Something I should probably say, unlike other people, I don’t just want to travel. I need to travel. It is part of who I am, my identity and what I do. I define myself by the countries I have visited and what I have learned in each of them. I’m not done yet. You can’t stop me from who I am and what I was meant to do, put on this Earth to do. I’m going to change the world. I know I am. It is just a matter of when and how.

Sometimes all you need to change in life is your perspective and your outlook on things. You’ll be surprised what you can learn about life. About yourself. For instance, me, I am a major foodie and a seek thrill, excitement, adventure and the unknown in my life.


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