Plans for the weekend-The Mad River Valley

So excited, this weekend, since of course I can’t travel all day every day like I wish. Like I would just love to leave my ordinary boring and mundane life behind, to be an Au Pair and to teach English around the world. I would truly be happy if that was the way that I made my living. But, for now, since I can’t, I decided that fun and small little weekend trips whenever I get the chance and have the time off would be nice. I need to look at the pieces of time that I have vacation from work and see what I can do with them.

This weekend, I am taking a small break from life. I am heading to Vermont, some place that I have always wanted to go. I think that I could use the time away, to clear my head, to gather my thoughts and of course to re energize myself and rejuvenate my life. I would be quite happy sitting beneath the trees or counting the stars at night.

Honestly, the type of traveler that I am, I am neurotic. I have every aspect of my vacation planned down to a T. Every detail. I look at places that I would like to eat, things I would like to see and do and experience while I am there.

I will be going to the Mad River Valley section of Vermont. I am really excited, to get away from life for a little bit. I want to see if I can do a technology cleanse this weekend. I want to go back to the basics of life and enjoy the  scenery. I found this great itinerary for things to do in the Mad River Valley. It can be found here. For one thing, I plan to do some gliding with Sugarbush Gliding. Of course, weather pending. We’ll see.

I might even take a drive down to Lake Champlain. Maybe try some real Vermont Cheese and some real maple syrup.

I might even look at going Paddleboarding while I am in Vermont:

I really would like to check out Church Street Marketplace.

There is even this great 4 season flipbook for the Mad River Valley:

I have heard that this restaurant is quite good, so I may have to try it:

I actually looked over the menu, and my mouth has actually started watering: yummy in my tummy.

Since I am not currently dating anyone, I deserve to take myself out and treat myself once in a while, right?

And it is certainly not a trip to Vermont without visiting a sugaring company.


Rain or shine, I am really looking forward to this.

I may even return to Vermont in the Fall for Fall Foliage and to ride on one of the sled dogs and even go ice climbing.


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