I’m not cut out for the mundane

I have never been content with living life as is. I have always been someone who seeks new places, ideas, things and adventures. I grow easily bored when I am not living my life to the fullest. That is probably why, when it comes to dating, I also get easily bored. I need a guy in my life who shares this thirst for life and wants to understand a society and culture outside of his own. I think that that is perhaps why I have decided to start learning a language, even more than one I might add. It gives me an opportunity to see how the other side lives. I do not like medial every day tasks. I like to explore and discover. I want to do things like bungee jumping and volcano boarding, cage diving and maybe even sky dive. I want to see Niagara Falls and visit the CN Tower. Life is too shore to be lived in one place. I read this quote one time that truly inspired me that said, “sometimes the fear never goes away, so you have to do it afraid.” That is a true statement.

Summer is almost over, and as I reflect on it, I am trying to look at what I did with that time. The time was there, but what did I really do? Other than a trip to Newport and a couple trips to the beach, what have I really done? I need to make the most of the rest of this summer, and even the Fall. I keep saying all the things that I am going to do, but this time, I am going to do them, not hold back. I am declaring that here online, right now, so now, I can’t back out.

First, I am looking into a trip to Nantucket and Nantucket Sound. I am also exploring the options of Martha’s Vineyard. I have never been to either of those islands, but they are certainly things that I would like to do. I am also trying to plan a quick weekend getaway to be the icing on the cake that feeds my wonderlust. The place I am looking at is Sugarbush, Vermont. I want to go on a ride at Sugarbush Soaring. There are so many adventures left unhad (for lack of better words). I even want to take a small weekend trip out to the Adirondack Mountains. I want to be one with nature, and simply gather my thoughts, feel, breathe, come alive again and discover who I am. I think that that is the hardest part. I am going through somewhat of an identity crisis right now. I don’t know who I am anymore. I can’t even find my own voice. I spend hours each day staring at Travel Blogs, and a way that I can ditch the regular 9-5 job and chase my dreams. I used to want big and expensive things. But I don’t think I want those things anymore. Maybe it is because I was born with a creative mind. For all intents and purposes, I’m a dreamer. Life was not meant to be lived in one place.

You know, years ago, when the love of my life and I broke up, I was devastated. I look back on that time and it was probably for the best, even though I have never quite gotten over it. It was my first broken heart. But since the break up, I have done some incredible things with my life. I have traveled to San Diego, New Orleans, and Texas. I have even spent time living overseas in Italy. Although he probably would not believe me now, I have changed, I have changed so much. I am not the same person I was when we called it quits six years ago. This is a man that I had known for half my life, and to watch that relationship go up in flames, well it was heartbreaking. But traveling, meeting people from different cultures and worlds and societies, understanding different people, living below your means and staying in hostels, well, that is enough to change anyone. I never changed the places I went to, they changed me. That is what travel does to you. It changes you.


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