Top 2 of Verona

Ahhh, verona, una citta che piu bella! I had a wonderful time while I was in Verona. I truly did. It is another one of those amazing Italian towns that I would love to return to. I was inspired to go there after watching the movie, Letters to Juliet. What a place, huh? So, other than getting lost, and making it a top priority, no matter where I travel, to get lost, here are my thoughts on the top 2 things to do in Verona.

  1. Vedi la cassa di Giulleta (Visit Juliets house)
    Yes, that is right. Visit Juliets house. Here is the link to their official website:

    This is a place of dreams and storybooks and fairy tales, and ever amazing it was. Every girl wants to be like Juliet growing up. To just stand on that balcony. I even attached a love lock to the wall, and had a chance to read the notes that people stuck to the walls, so many lonely and desperate lovers. And supposedly, it is good luck to grab Juliet’s boob. We’ll see how that works out for me. And this adventure did, however, remind me a lot of that Taylor Swift song, “Love Story.”

2. And of course, I did not forget about number 2 on my list. Exploring and getting lost and wandering the streets of Verona, whether that means walking over bridges, over the river and through the woods, or exploring the marketplace. Often times I would enjoy just sit in the park along the river and people watch. I would observe and take in the sites and the sounds and the culture and the atmosphere and the environment. I also enjoyed heading to the marketplace. I would always think to myself that if only I did not have to fly back. I have never seen so much cheese and wine and meats. I felt like I was in heaven. I mean, if I were going to die, that would be the perfect place. I would die happily, right there, among all that food and wine. That is my true happy place.

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And the street food, can we talk about that for a minute too? I’ll admit, I tried it once while I was there. It was fantastic. But I’ll be honest with you, I ate so much food when I was in Italy, no matter where I went. It was as if my first and primary goal was to eat as much as I could and wherever I could. This was a pretty easy feat considering that I had to walk and rather enjoyed walking almost every where and every day. I did not complain once about how much walking I had to do. I just did it. I sure burned a lot of calories.


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