72 hours in Napoli: As told by Catherine

As you very well know by now, Italy is one of my most favorite places to travel too. I recommend a trip to Italy to anybody who is looking for a change of pace, or simply something different in their life. Italy is the place to go to experience a new culture, see how other people live, rejuvenate, and even understand yourself better.

Napoli (Naples) is the one place that I recommend to everyone near and far. Napoli is rich with culture, history and of course food (they are known for their thin crusted pizza). So, this entry will mention some of my few suggestions on what to do and see and places to eat if you only have 72 hours in Napoli.

  1. Topping off the list….pizzzzzaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    Make no mistake. I was born a pizza lover. It is my favorite food of all time, more than pasta. Shocking, I know. Let me start with, Napoli is the birth place of the thin crust pizza, and the pizza Margarita. And the pizza is truly to die for. A true Neapolitan pizza in true Neapolitan fashion is worth trying here. It is made from scratch, and you can taste the freshness, as the freshest ingredients are used. One day, I would love to create my own food tour, and take a tour of pizzerias straight through Napoli. Pizza is also much cheaper in Napoli than here in the United States, and you get much more for what you order. When I was in Napoli, I am pretty sure that I ate pizza for every meal. Since I could not take the pizza with me, and if you ask for a “to go box” in Italy, they look at you as if you are on some kind of drug,  I wanted to make sure that I ate as much pizza as I could. The only downside to this is that I can no longer eat pizza in the United States anymore. Napoli ruined my view on how pizza is made here in the U.S.

2.Take a day trip to La Costa Amalfi (The Amalfi Coast)
I would move there if I could. Enough said. Mind you, from my hostel in Napoli to La Costa Amalfi, it was a 3 hour bus ride. And I tell you, I do not have a clue how those bus drivers drive those twisting and winding rails day after day. Their is no guard rail, and the roads are so narrow. If anything went wrong, our only option would be plunging into the see below. But once you arrive at the end of the line in the Amalfi Coast, it is quite the view. Just relaxing along the water, it is an incredible site. Breathtaking.

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3. Take a day trip to Capri
The island of capri. Che bellissimio. About an hour boat ride from Napoli, this is definitely worth the day trip. This island is where capri pants originated and they are also known for their limoncello drink.

Trying this drink is a must while you are in Italy, especially on the island of Capri.

4. A day trip to Pompeii. This is a must, to see how another society, another time lived. Pretty amazing and fantastic.

So there you have it. My suggestions and recommendations for 72 hours in Napoli. I have never been one to rest. I mean, I spent hours going from place to place. Some times, six hours of my day were spent going from place to place. And do you know what I did when I got there? Not rest, that’s for certain. I decided to go see more because time was of the essence.  Time is all any of us have, and one day, all that time will run out, just like that movie, “In Time.” It’s just a matter of when.


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