The Birth week

For those of you who don’t know, I turned 27 two days ago. 27!! Wow, I can’t believe it. I mean, 27 years have flown by, and quite frankly, 27 years ago seems so long ago. In another quick 10 years, I will be 27. Wow!

But, in terms of turning 27, I decided to hold a birth week. As my mother says, I was only born on one day. But in my opinion, I am far too cool to spend just one day celebrating. I deserve an entire week.

I kicked off my birthday celebration last Friday, as I went to Crystal Bee’s a new place that opened up in Southington, CT with some of my friends. That was quickly followed by a visit to the Connecticut Wine Festival on Saturday. I’m all about vineyards and wine and wine tastings. I really enjoy festival’s in general, especially when it comes to the arts and crafts. Actually, I’m quite the fan of artisan festivals.

On Sunday, I spent time with some of my oldest and dearest friends.

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Tuesday, I turned 27!! Of course, it is safe to say that at 27, my life is nowhere near where I thought I would be when I was imagining it 10 years ago. Actually, it’s hard to believe that 10 years ago, I was in high school, still, with the world at my feet. I thought that I would be married at 23, and have my first child at 27, because that is what you do. That is what you are supposed to do. You are less of a woman if that is not your plan. God forbid you don’t have kids. You dance to someone else’s music, but that is just not me. And I don’t think that I would ever want it to be. If that was my life now, I probably would have been very unhappy. And that is not to say that one day, I would not love to settle down and have kids, but right now, I need to live in the moment. After all, I only get one life, do I really want to spend it caught up in the what if’s and the might have beens? I think not.

That same day, on my birthday, I took a half day at work and went to lunch with a friend. I went to visit some old colleagues and an old friend, and I even visited my mother at work. That evening I went to a work party and followed it up with a night out at the Black Bear Saloon on karaoke night with my friends. The following evening, I went to see a movie that I had been dying to see, NERVE, staring one of my favorite actresses, Emma Roberts. Honestly, I wish Nerve was a real game. I would be all for playing it. Doing dares, taking adventures, stepping outside of my comfort zone. I do not think that it gets better than that. I like excitement and exhilaration and thrill in my life. I like things that excite, grip and scare me. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is this, “sometimes the fear won’t go away, so you’ll have to do it afraid.” There is some truth to that, and this, “don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” One of my biggest fears has always been routine and falling into the mundane, every days of life.

I wish that I could truly reflect on the past 27 years of life. In terms of life, I have done many things.

  1. I learned to figure-skate
  2. I danced for 18 years, something I have recently gotten back into
  3. swam with a dolphin
  4. I sailed a boat
  5. I have traveled all over the world
  6. I have gone skiing
  7. I have had so many adventures
  8. I have fallen in love
  9. I have had my heart broken
  10. Even broken a few hearts

I wish that I could say here is a list of all the things that I have learned in 27 years. Since I can’t, I pulled some articles that I thought best summarized my 27 year old thoughts.

Worrying Gets You Nowhere: 27 Lessons I’ve Learned At 27 Years Young

In another post, I might break down my thoughts on all these bullet points, but for now take a look.

I love being 27 years young. I feel better than I ever did at 26, 24, 22.


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