Living below your means when traveling

Okay, this seems like common sense, and a general rule of thumb while traveling, but this has always been my problem, even when I lived in Italy and traveled throughout for a while. After all that time, you would think that I know how to manage and budget my money.

I mean, I left for Italy with $6,000 in my pocket, to my name. And by the time I returned, I was pretty much broke. Not a good feeling. I looked back on my time over there, and what was I really spending my money on after all? A few more thousand dollars, and I probably could have stayed for another month in Italy.

When I do travel, I am a major foodie. I love to eat. I mean, to me, it is exploring a new culture and tasting food, genuine foods from the host country the way they were intended.

What can I say? I have expensive taste and I love things. Even though, I know at the end of the day, when all is over and all is said and done, that when we die and pass on, the only thing we can take with us are our memories and our experiences. We cannot take materialistic things with us into the after life. I need to get better at traveling and living below my means. I do not always need to order the steak and the lobster, or have three meals (an app, a first course and an entree) plus dessert. One meal will suffice, with a glass of wine, and I can simply sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.



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  1. jellified says:

    Hi! I reckon this is something I will struggle with as currently I work full time and live with my parents so I have a lot of disposable income. Moving away is going to be a challenge financially but it’s something I need to learn too!

    1. It’s tricky, it is a process, but it is a good skill to have and well worth it if mastered.

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