Adrienne…a name among things

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently. So, yes, my first name, Catherine means pure. I used to go by my nickname, Cathy, but once I turned 18, I begin to go by my full name, Catherine. I love the name. It is beautiful, and to me, it was more formal and I started using the name, in the workplace. In fact, nowadays, I am not to fond of the nickname, Cathy any longer. Plus, I also have something in common now, with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

However, I have started wondering about my middle name, Adrienne. It’s French.


Our names are part of who we are. I have learned that that name means, “the dark one.” Who am I now? Lord Voldemort. However, it does seem fitting. I do have my dark side, my edgy side, that I am not afraid to show when it suits me. What I think is interesting about the name is that it also means, “Adria, from the Adriatic Sea region.”


Now why is that interesting? Because, the Adriatic Sea rests along the coast of Italy and I have visited the Adriatic Coast and lived in a town that lay along the Adriatic Coast.


I think that is really telling, my love of both French and Italian culture and cuisine, why not, right? There is this person, France Francois who lives in Panama and runs the most amazing website. I think she has such a unique name, to be named after not a city, but a country like that. That is also what got me thinking about my French middle name. Perhaps, perhaps I should have a pen name, Adrienne Rose. Or, Adrienne Murray? Murray is my mothers maiden name.


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