My Ultimate Bucket List

  1. See the 7 World Wonders (while they are still there and while their is still something to wonder about)
  2. Visit Bhutan
  3. Scale Mount Everest
  4. Go on a luxury cruise vacation
  5. Watch the leaves change in Vermont
  6. Watch how maple syrup is made in Vermont
  7. Watch how cheese is made in Vermont
  8. Go to Sturbridge Village
  9. Go to Plimouth Plantation
  10. Go to the CT Garlic and Harvest Festival
  11. Go to the food and wine festival in Aspen
  12. Go to a mystery house or dinner
  13. Explore ice-caves in New Zealand
  14. Visit the cherry blossom festival in Japan
  15. Go water-skiing
  16. Reduce sugar intake
  17. Sample exotic cuisines from all over the world
  18. Go on a detox diet for 21 days
  19. Build a home for the poor–see Habitat for Hummanity
  20. Publish a book
  21. Plant a tree
  22. Learn a new language (right now, for me, it’s Italian)
  23. Learn how to do card readings
  24. Learn photography
  25. Learn how to paint
  26. Pickle my own foods and vegetables
  27. Learn how to make my own jams and preserves
  28. Master the art of macarons
  29. Master the art of the souffle
  30. Start a blog–Done
  31. Achieve financial freedom
  32. Public Speaking
  33. Conquer my fear of heights–not sure how on Earth I will do this one
  34. Get featured in the media for something that I did
  35. Fall in love
  36. Find my soulmate
  37. Become a parent
  38. Sleep on the beach
  39. Go complaint free for 30 days (see A Complaint Free World)
  40. Practice gratitude for 21 days

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