Heal your soul first…

The world is a magical, beautiful place. In spite of all the evil and horrible things that are happening in it. We each have our own path and it is up to us to carve it and discover it ourselves.

First, I want to heal myself through spirituality. I think I want to pull a Liz Gilbert, try yoga and buddhism and retreats.

  1. Healing through spirituality

    Ongoing Offerings


I have actually found a couple of places where I can explore a new type of healing, a powerful type of healing. I have done yoga before. I love yoga. It is calming, relaxing, peaceful, and it truly helps me find my center. But to open up my heart to meditation or even going on a meditation retreat? That is something that is much harder, to find your center and to maintain inner balance. I want to find my center again. After all, as the Spice Girls once said, “happiness is just a state of your mind, keep searching, who knows what you may find.”

2.  Healing through volunteering
So, something that I have recently discovered is the opportunity to volunteer through Work Away or Cross Cultural Solutions. I am so glad that I have discovered those two sites. One day, I would like to use my vacation time to do something amazing like volunteering. Plus, studies even show that people who put money towards experiences, instead of things are significantly more happy in life.

3. Learn something new
One day, I would love to do an immersion program, such as the language one offered by Diverbo, or the homestay’s offered by Studentessa Matta (FYI-Melissa, who runs Studentessa Matta is one of my favorite people and one of my favorite blogs that I follow.

4. Healing through nature
Nature has long been known as a way to relax and calm and soothe yourself and your thoughts. There are many opportunities to hike and walk and take in everything that the outdoor has to offer.

One day, I may even rent a bungaloo and sleep below the stars and fall in love with nature all over again. So often, we take so many things for granted. This is not how it should be.

5. One day, I may even go to the Full Moon Party: http://www.fullmoonparty-thailand.com/ or maybe Carnivale.



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