The Challenges Of Learning Italian

Alright, so I have been studying Italian for quite some time, and of course, like any language, I have encountered my share if challenges and problems with learning this beautiful language. I would have to say that by a landslide, the biggest challenge with learning Italian comes down to two primary things for me.

  1. Verbs
    In Italian, verbs have so many conjugations. I mean, past, present, future, conditional and more. It is hard for me to remember all the conjugations of all the verbs when I am speaking or trying to have a language conversation. I certainly do get stumped up a lot. At best, I can recall, future, past and present of verbs. But why don’t we just say that? Why does it have to be imperfect or passato. It is a headache just trying to remember.
  2. Grammar
    Even the locals will tell you how tricky this is, to learn proper Italian grammar. I might even have to suggest that Italian grammar is much more difficult than English grammar.

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