My language learning goals

Join me on my journey. This is more than just about travel and learning a new language. This is about coming into my own, learning a new language, a new culture, meeting new people.

I want to do things like understand television or tv in my new language.

I want to be able to write and read in that language, and yes, I understand how vague that is. Plus,  I have given myself three months to improve my Italian studies and language learning skills, before moving on to another language, ideally Portuguese.

Just some sites I like.

But for me, why did I decide to learn Italian?

  1. The language is beautiful
  2. The language is quite romantic
  3. To understand a new culture
  4. To meet new people
  5. To be more well rounded
  6. To be more competitive in an ever increasingly work environment
  7. To learn something new
  8. To be different

I hope I can use Italian the next time I travel to Italy, wherever that might be, Rimani, Sorentino…the possibilities are endless. Only this time, I do not want to visit major or tourist cities. I want to stroll through the Italian country sides, or even go to the discotech.

But I tell you, I never new it was possible to love a language, or anything really, quite so much.

With that, here are my language learning goals for 2016 in Italian, at least in the next couple of months anyway, before I feel that I am at a level where I can move on and challenge myself further.

Language Goals 2016:

  1. Finish reading all the Anderson fables in Italian:
  2. Finish reading and doing the exercises in the book, “Better Reading Italian”
  3. Write 30 texts on lang-8
  4. Write at least 1 blog entry a week in Italian
  5. Hit 500 total hours of language study (in spite of all the time I spend working or at dance rehearsal, I am still trying to learn the number to “Dance with me.” Remember that song by Debelah Morgan?
  6.  Improve my Italian Verbs
  7. Improve my Italian comprehension
  8. Learn 600 new vocabulary words

So, how exactly do I plan to do this? As such.

  1. I have already started reading the fables. For example, “Il brutto anatroccolo” and “La princessa e il piselli.”
  2. I am still working on this book, and I will say that my reading comprehension is improving, slowly but surely.
  3. I write texts here in there, but I hate to duplicate my work. But what I really need is to just stay motivated. That is probably one of the hardest things about learning a new language, is preventing my motivation from dwindling.
  4. Oh dear, how am I supposed to track this?
  5. I have a book that allows me to practice Italian Verbs. Italian Verb Drills. I’ll get to this, don’t you worry, but in this day and age, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the language learning resources currently available to language learners.
  6. I am working on this; part of the way that I do this is by watching television and listening to podcasts and the radio in Italian. Mind you, half the time that is not active listening, I need to improve this. One of the hardest things is finding the time to put in and to invest into learning this language. It’s like being married.
  7. I haven’t practiced vocabulary in a while. Right now, my soul focus is on improving my reading and writing. Come February, I will turn my focus to something else. See my current breakdown below:

Reading/Writing in Italian:

  1. Read the Andersen Fables in Italian (every single one)
  2. Use (this is more of an ongoing project)
  3. Read Corriere and Republica
  4. Complete the exercises in Better Reading Italian

Ideal completion date: February 5

Italian Comprehension:

  1. Actively listen to Italian Podcasts (News in Slow Italian)
  2. Actively watch Italian TV shows, commercials, short movies, movies (Cocapop, I menu di benedetta)

Ideal completion date: February 27

Speaking Italian:

  1. Just speak it, with at least one language partner regularly (Marcello e Claudia)

Deadline: March 19

Verbs: Italian Verb Drills (Practice, practice, practice)

Deadline: March 26

Grammar: There is no easy way around this. I hate doing it, even in my native tongue.

Deadline: April 2

Vocabulary: Maybe this is ongoing, who knows. I’ll use Memrise, Anki, LinguaLy, DuoLingo and anything else I see fit.

Deadline: April 9, because truth be told, you never STOP learning new words

And when I hit each milestone, how will I reward myself? NO CLUE yet!! Any ideas? Thank you for joining me on this marathon!!




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