First Two Weeks Back on the Mainland

So, I have been back on the mainland for about two weeks now. The only thing that I have been struggling to adjust to, is overcoming Jetlag.

So, what have I been up to since being back? Well, I have been rigorously looking for jobs. That may very well be my top priority, job searching. I have had a handful of interviews, and I am really hoping that of the interviews that I have had, something turns up. There is one job in particular that I really want, but I can’t sit around holding my breath out for it. I mean, I have done all I could. I have done everything that I can, so at this point, it is out of my hands. It would be nice to have a job again, and to be working. I like money and I like getting paid. I do not like having to worry or wonder where my next pay check is coming from. I have also spent a lot of time since returning, catching up on my television shows. I mean, there were a lot of shows that I missed when I went overseas. I missed The Vampire Diaries, Reign, Pretty Little Liars, How to Get Away with Murder. These are all very important things.

But right now, my top priority is finding a job so that I can fund more epic and awesome adventures.


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