The Road Ahead…

dancerAt this point, sitting here, one of my remaining days in Italy, I am left alone with my thoughts to ponder them. But instead of sitting here, drowning in self-pitty and sorry, I guess that I can just take action. It’s never too late to be who I might have been, right?

Well the point I’m making is, as bad as things are right now, not only can they get worse, they probably are worse, but for somebody else. Certainly, my life seems uncertain, and as if I have no direction in life, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, things always have a funny way of working themselves out. Don’t believe me? I figured that I’d list a couple of examples from my own personal life as proof.

1) The Hartford Courant VS. MetLife

Years ago, when I was merely a freshman in college, following my freshman year, I was offered an internship with the Hartford Courant. They were willing to pay me 1500 dollars. It didn’t sound like a lot, and in fact, it really is not a lot. But I did not care. I wanted to be a journalist, and I figured that this was my perfect “in.” However, they wanted someone with a car. Okay, okay, so it is possible that I may have sugarcoated the fact that I had an automobile. Sadly, they had to withdraw the offer. I was devastated. A few weeks later, I ended up returning home from college for the weekend, and being quite ill. Then, I got the call that I had received an internship with MetLife, a company that I had applied to. I was set to work 40 hours a week and with the possibility of placement after graduation.

2. Emerson Versus, well, every other school?

Emerson College. Now, Emerson was my top choice school when I was applying to colleges. I did the campus tour and decided that that was where I was going to go. I loved everything about the school. It represented everything that I wanted out of life, and I figured that Emerson College was the place to go where I could receive the type of education that I wanted. So you can imagine my devastation when I discovered that I had been WAITLISTED! I ended up going to another Boston-area school and reapplying to Emerson two years later, and attending for my junior and senior years. I never thought I would finish that school. I was so unprepared for what I encountered during my first few weeks and even months there. I nearly thought that I was going to have to drop out of school. The classes were harder, the professors much more tough and graded more harshly. What would have been an A at Emmanuel College, barely got me a B at Emerson. I was devastated. I spent my first few weeks at Emerson College crying my eyes out in my apartment and never really feeling like I fit in there. But then, one day, I got up, and said to myself, “No. I can either let this break me, or I can let it motivate me.” So I let it motivate me. I began seeking out time with my professors to get the extra help I needed. I became a regular at the writing and resource center. I did six, seven, eight drafts of paper. Don’t ask how I found the time to write that many drafts, but I did. And all that hard work eventually paid off. I started to see the noticeable difference in the climb of my grades, and it was so worth it. Looking back on it now, I am convinced that had I gone to Emerson when I initially wanted to, I probably would have flunked out, because I did not have the necessary skills I needed to do well. It all turned out to be for the best.

3. Learning to Drive

I remember, when I was learning to drive, for whatever reason, the one thing that I was unable to do is to back park. Strange, right? Back parking is not my strong suit. However, I had my driving test scheduled for the week before my birthday. Then I found out that my grandmother had passed away. Selfish, I know? But I was more concerned with taking my exam before I headed back to school in the Fall. I had worked so hard, and spent my own money paying for driving lessons. However, I could not back park. I went away for the funeral, and upon my return, I was somehow, magically able to back park. I am convinced that, had I not taken the time away, and I took the driving exam when it was initially scheduled, that I very well could have failed.

4. Dance Team

I remember, when I was a freshman in High School, I had auditioned for the dance team. Of course, you can imagine my disappointment when I did not make the team on my first go around. Although, let me be the first to say that the audition was flooded with talented dancers. I was suffering from an ankle injury. And I realize that all these years later, had I made the team when initially auditioned, it’s possible that that injury could have been a lot worse.

So as you can see, maybe everything in life does have it’s own funny way of working itself out in the end. We don’t always have the reason or even all the answers. We can’t control everything that happens to us. Life is 90% how we react to things out of our control. And what’s for you, shall not pass you. I’m also a strong believer that if God brings you to it, God will bring you through it.


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