5 Ways Traveling Will Help me in the Real World


Sorry that it has been a while since I have posted here. I have been traveling, and preparing for my last few days in Italy.

As I prepare to say goodbye to a country and a city that I have come to call home, I had a couple of thoughts that I wanted to share here, before I say goodbye to the end of an era.

1) Taught me to step out of my comfort zone

First and foremost, I left a job that paid me 40,000 dollars a year. I packed my life into two suitcases, and said goodbye to my friends and family. I moved halfway across the world to a country where I spoke but pieces of the language, at a rate that I like to consider less than fluent. I immersed myself into a place where I had no friends and no family. I had to live and learn and get by on my own. This is a skill that I hope will help me when I return and start looking for work. Often times in the work place, we are tossed into awkward and uncomfortable situations and scenarios. Well what better person that somebody who has been tossed in awkward situation after awkward situation abroad, to make it all happen.

2) Working with people from all walks of life

I have spent the past two months interacting with people from a different culture. I have had to break a language and cultural barrier all at the same time. Once I return to work, I will have to work with many different people, rude people, stubborn people, condescending people, people that think they are better than everyone. Only this time, I will handle said challenges with grace and class. Something I was unable to do in my previous job position. I have learned that people rarely every do things because of you, they do things because of them. How they act, it has nothing to do with you. And everything to do with how they feel about themselves.

3. How to be patient

I have always struggled with this one. Being patient is not exactly my strong suit. I have goals, and I like to achieve them. I have always been driven, ambitious and adventurous. I know exactly what I want out of life. I might not always know how I am going to get there, but I do plan to get there, one day, when I am ready and in my own way. But working with these children, if it has taught me one thing, it is that I have to be patient. They take time learning, especially when learning a foreign language. I have to speak more slowly and choose my words carefully. I have to check and ask for understanding, and I have to make sure that I stay within the children’s learning pace, as everyone learns at a different pace. In the work place, there are times when you might not understand the assignment, or you will be working with people that you do not necessarily get along with; it is all about exercising patience my friend.

4) Research

Although this one is not directly correlated to my work in the classroom, it is still very important to add to this list. Through planning and traveling, weekend after weekend, and carefully researching locations and hostels, I have developed strong research skills that will be valid in any workplace.

5)  Confidence

I learned how to stand on my own two feet and depend on me.


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