Verona & Beyond…

One of the cities that I have been adamant about seeing since my arrival in Italy, has been Verona. I mean, it has got to be one of the most magical and beautiful cities in all of Italy. And the romance, Mama Mia, the romance. And it is the city of Romeo & Juliet. How can you not feel the love? Of course, this lovely city is about six hours by train. At least from where I am staying in Italy.

At first, it seemed as if a trip there would be highly unlikely, because of time and money. However, now, I just discovered that this week, I will have Friday and Saturday off. I already have Thursday’s off, and I am done with classes on Wednesday’s at noon. I can feel a trip coming on.

By the time I leave Italy, I will genuinely feel satisfied that I have seen all that the country has to offer. I have seen the architecture, learned the history, and immersed myself, full throttle into the culture. I will return to the United States, more cultured, with a better understanding of self, more confidence, more happiness, and more certainty.



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