If I knew then….#whatIknownow

I have always had a penchant for travel and a zest for life. However, I have not always been good with my finances, let me just say (although I have learned from experience and my past mistakes). But years ago, I was also wrapped up in my boyfriend at the time (huge mistake, the guy is a major looser, I’m just saying. I have nothing but nasty things to say about him. And no, that is not out of hate, and no I do not have any type of feelings for him, other than hate. But, loosing him turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The damage he did will remain, but I met a guy who changed everything. And I met him when I was not even looking for anyone. I had met him when I had just about given up on love.

Anyways, back to my point, when I was still dating this guy in college, I would spend money going back and forth between Connecticut and Massachusetts to see him, we would always go out to eat on dates, I mean, dating him was expensive. I look back on all the paid internships I held and all the time that I spent with him, and I wish now, that that money had been used towards more productive things, like saving up for travel. I wish I had spent the summers between years in college traveling. I wish I had spent my winter vacation in college traveling. I mean, I made a lot of money working on campus jobs and working during the summer. I have always been known for my incredible work ethic. My only question now, all these years later, is where the hell did all that money go? Seriously, what on Earth was I buying?

I guess you live and you learn right? You are only young once.


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