So…what’s next?

road-less-traveledI return from Italy in just over two weeks. I return from the most surreal experience of my life, unemployed and with no potential job prospects. Lovely. So that is what my concern is right now. I hate not doing anything. I like to be busy, always active, between working and personal activities and volunteer work. I love working, well, I like getting paid. I would love working if I actually found a job that I liked. And on my free time, I enjoy reading (I’m currently reading a book called: #GIRLBOSS by Alessandra Amoroso–she is one kick ass chick, let me just say), and I enjoy writing, as you can clearly tell by all my blog posts. I enjoy dancing and acting and figure-skating, photography and traveling, swimming, volleyball and tennis. And in terms of volunteering, I enjoy giving my time back to the community.

I have already started applying for jobs, and I am wishing good things come my way. And I feel bad about saying this, but I have some pretty lazy ass friends with no direction. I friends that rely on their parents to pay their shit. There are people not as smart as me with jobs, how hard can it be for me to find a job, really? Like I said, I feel guilty even just having those thoughts.

Anyways, I kind of have a plan. It’s a half assed plan, but a plan nonetheless. I have already started applying for jobs as I have stated. I am updating my LinkedIn profile and any other social media platforms that may be used or seen by potential employers. I am also updating my cover letter and resume.

Upon returning home, I will sign up with a few staffing agencies. There was one that I used a few years ago that was rather good with finding me employment. I will also try and find a job that I can work at night, which will allow me the days to search for jobs and to go on job interviews. One thing that I have learned from being over here, is simply, that a job is a job. And that no job is ever beneath you. After all, I have a friend who is working for Whole Foods, but has her Bachelor’s degree, and she is quite happy there. The employee satisfaction rate there, is much higher than what I had to deal with in my previous position.


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