I See Travel In My Future….but when & where?

australia_002_operaSo, in a few weeks, I will have spent two full months living in Italy. I thought that traveling out here would cure my curiosity of the world, so that when I returned to the states, I would have gotten it out of my system, and then I could proceed to settle into a career. And while I will be able to settle into a career, traveling will always be a part of me. It is who I am, it is what I do, what I love, and what makes me come alive.

I mean, in general, I am always on the prowl for new adventures and places to travel. I mean, I have gone to a Garlic Festival in New York, I have traveled to New Hampshire for a Seafood festival, and Maine for a Lobster Festival. And I do regular trips to Newport, Rhode Island and Salem, MA each year; I guess you could say that that is the advantage of living in New England, that everything is so close together.

Anyways, where are the places that I would like to go in the future? Too many places to count. Just look below:

1) Australia

2) New Zealand

3) Thailand

4) Taiwan

5) Japan

6) China

7) Las Vegas

8) San Francisco

9) Aspen, Colorado

10) Guatemala

11) Costa Rica

12)  And let’s see, all of South America.

But first, first and foremost, I need to find a job, and then I can workout how I am going to save for all these places. I will say, my experiences staying in hostels has not been half bad. I mean, I have met some pretty amazing people, the hostels have been clean, and they were in close proximity to the places that I wanted to see. I’ve made mazing friendships and met some awesome people through staying in hostels. I spent one night in a bed and breakfast, and that was a great experience. It was clean, it had a really homey vibe and feel. Hotel? Hotel what? I’ll be happy never staying in a hotel ever again. Traveling has opened my eyes and changed my world. It has done all of these things for the better.

No longer will I have to go out and eat with friends. They may enjoy eating out and clubbing, but for me, traveling is my priority.  I want to see the world. I do not want to be just a spec.


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