A few of my favoite things…

I am sure that we all remember the Sound of Music, yes? And the song, “My Favorite Things?” Right? Well, I was thinking about some of my favorite things lately, and that is what inspired this blog post. Well, one of my favorite things, since living in Italy is the beautiful and scenic landscape. I love taking leisure walks. I love waking up on my own time. I love being on nobody’s schedule or agenda but my own. I love finding where each day takes me, however unexpectedly. And I love taking photography of the beautiful landscape. So far, I have discovered that it is very hard to find a place that is anything but beautiful here in Italy. Living in Italy is like living a dream, at least to me.

Other things that I love are the food. I have yet to discover bad food in Italy. From each ingredient, so much thought and consideration goes into creating the dishes. I mean, the pasta, the pizza, even the desserts. I truly am going to have to bring many of these recipes home. In fact, I have already started smuggling things into my suitcase as I prepare for my departure in a few weeks. I mean, I have bought chocolate from Perugia, wine from the Macerata region of Italy, pasta, gnocchi. The list goes on and on and on my friends. The food is so simple, but so good. The only reason that I am not the size of a bowling ball right now is because of all the walking I have had to do.

What are some of your favorite things?


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