2 Settimane Fa

Ciao tutti!

Wow. Okay. Let me just start by saying wow. I have been in Italy for just over a month, and it has been one of the most incredible, world wind experiences of my life. Never, would I have ever believed that I would be living abroad. If someone told me a year ago, that this is what my life would be like today, I never would have believed them. I have great friends, an amazing boyfriend who supports me, and, well my family is kind of okay I guess. I don’t feel like replacing them or putting them up for sale today, so I take that as a good sign.

Anyways, I have had some good memories and some not so great memories living in Italy. There are some adjustments that I made, and some that were just ever so hard to make. I feel so blessed to have been given such an incredible opportunity. I have grown, learned, lived and loved. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and learned what I am truly capable of. For once in my life, I am living my life for other people. I am done trying to please other people, because I have learned that no matter what you do, some people will just never be happy or satisfied or grateful, and some people will always, and I mean always take you for granted. I am done being someone I am not. I am done trying to follow a path other than the one that God has laid out for me, and most importantly, I am done trying to make my parents happy, because it is my life, not theirs.

I have proven so much to myself by living in Italy, and developed so many skills that I hope to bring back with me. I have truly found myself and learned the meaning of true immersion. I feel that I have lived more in the past three years than most people do in their entire lifetime. I have finally discovered what it means to live life with no regrets. th


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