What are friends for and other experiences….?

Sorry that it has been quite some time since my last post. I have spent so much time traveling. The school was on vacation last week, so lucky for me, I headed up north towards Napoli and had, as would be expected, the time of my life.

Anyways, I wanted to share a couple short stories from my time up in Napoli.

1) What are friends for?

While in Napoli, I stayed at this hostel, Hostel of the Sun. On Thursday nights, they cook free dinner for the people staying at the hostel. While there, I met this one girl, Bree, who happened to be teaching English in Spain, through the Beda program. We ended up having a lovely evening together. Of course, after about three plates of delicious pasta, I look over at her, and I go, “Man, I do not know if I will be able to get up after eating all this food.” Her reply to me, “Don’t worry girl. I got your back, I’ll roll you.” Now that, my friends, is true friendship. If you can’t depend on your friends to roll you through the door, then who can you depend on?

2) Adventures to Napoli

So, I had quite the experience getting my butt up to Napoli. First, I thought to myself, get to the train station a little bit early, since I had a 6:23 a.m. train, and when I am traveling, I like to give myself a little extra time.  Of course, I get to the station, only to discover that my train has been delayed by twenty minutes.  When the train finally does arrive, we are stuck waiting on it for about a half hour before it finally departs. Of course, my thoughts are, “please do not let me miss my connection.” I did not miss my connection from Fabriano to Rome.  Of course, as luck would have it, from Fabriano to Rome, my train began having technical difficulties, resulting in me, literally missing my connecting train by one minute. Those trains do not wait. If you have a train that leaves at 10:30, you better believe that it will depart at 10:30 and not a minute after. Eventually, I ended up at my hostel. Upon arrival, I see that there is a sign next to the elevator that says things like, “5 cents to take the lift.” You can only take the lift during certain times,  no more than three people with bags at a time are aloud on the lift. And it said, “Trust the lift, it has not failed us yet.” Isn’t that encouraging? Well you could bet, that after discovering that I had to take the elevator, I decided, “nope.” And I halled my ass up seven flights of stairs to the hostel. I end up huffing and puffing by the time I got to the top. Once at the top, the manager looks at me and goes, “did you just get here?” I was like, “yep.” He then asks, “did you just walk up seven flights of stairs?” I was like, “Yep. I was not about to pay five cents to take the lift.” I realize now, how stingy that made me sound. LOL.

3) LA LOVE  (See what I did there)

I  met so many cool people while staying in the hostel. I met one guy who was German, and studied English in Amsterdamn for four years, and did an intensive program in Italy. He is certainly putting me to shame. I met another guy who was from Australia. Australia? That is quite the distance. He used to work in public service. He told me that this entire trip of his will be costing $30,000. Well, I ended up spending a day traveling with him to Pompeii.


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