Decision Making

Ryanair_b737-800_aftertakeoff_arpI came here to Italy. In April, I will have a week vacation off. Now, I was hoping, initially to see other parts of Europe. I mean, I had it all planned out. I wanted to see Ireland and Scotland, Belgium and Germany, Portugal and Greece.  However, the more research I did and the more that I planned, I realized that that was simply not a viable option for me. See, I was not willing to spend more than 100.00 on a roundtrip ticket. I looked at the budget air carriers, RyanAir and Easy Jet. However, the thing about a budget liner is that there is always a catch. What was the catch? The airliners only took off at certain times, on certain days and landed only at certain airports. That meant that they may not fly out at a time that works with my schedule, and they may not land in the city that I would like to go to. You can see the problem here, right? That being said, by myself, I reached the decision to stay in Italy. If I am in Italy, I might as well do Italy, right? So, I decided, there are many cities in Italy that I would love to see. For instance, Milano, Napoli, Pompei. That seems to be a better use of my time and money, especially since it seems to me that Macerata is in the middle of no where. I have to plan everything very carefully to make sure that it all works out.


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