I’m Never Having Kids!!!!

I had three classes today. My last class of the day, which I was trying to lead, the teacher had informed me that she would be absent, but I would have an assistant teacher helping out. Now, the kids are already bad kids to the teacher, so you can imagine how they were behaving when the teacher was not there and I was the one trying to lead the lecture.

I have never been more disappointed. They do not know how to listen or take direction. They are rude, inconsiderate, disrespectful and a sad excuse for human beings. Like I said in a previous post, they make American children look good and that is truly saying something. They are loud, boisterous, ignorant, arrogant. Need I go on? How hard is it to be quiet. I nearly lost my voice today trying to raise my voice. They were not even listening to the assistant teacher. I could barely teach my lesson. I tell you, as unprofessional as it is, I nearly walked out of the class so many times. That was the longest hour of my life. I mean, every time I would tell them to be quiet, to do their work, they would quiet down and two seconds later be back to screaming. OVER MY DEAD BODY!! This is a school for crying out loud, the volume needs to be lower.

See, I am here to teach, not to be their friend. I could care less whether or not they like me. It is not my job to be  it is my job to teach English. Although, after what I experienced today, I think I am also going to have to teach them manners. I left the class with a massive headache today. It was unbearable. I was ready to shoot myself in the foot. Once that bell rang, I was out of their faster than the students.

I mean what I experienced today was enough to make me say that I never ever want kids. And if I ever do have kids, trust! They will be more respectful than these magots.

I almost want to write sincere apologies to all my former teachers, and be like, if I ever gave you trouble, I am so sorry. I had no idea how difficult your job was. kids 1


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