You Rock My World

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to travel the world, to see the world. The world is a beautiful and wonderful place, between man made objects, and natural gems. I have always been curious, eager, had this hunger inside me that surged waiting to erupt like the lava inside a volcano.

I spent the great deal of the year, 2014, traveling. I went to San Diego, New Orleans, Portland, Newport, Rome, Venice and Florence. Each place had its own special thing.

San Diego was one of my favorite destinations. It did not rain once, the entire time that I was there. I got to see how tortillas were made. I got to go to Sea World (by Bus. A good 2 hour ride with my mom, but totally worth the trip). I even swam with a dolphin.

And New Orleans, that was a trip. That was my first ever trip by myself, no friends, no family. I have always found it easier to plan a vacation around an event. Takes less time and energy out of me. But, one of my favorite things about New Orleans, was the food, the culture, and the history. Special emphasis on the food. It was to die for. I think it’s all that French and Cajun influence. How can you argue? The foods were so rich in flavor. man, if I could be a food critic.

Each place I traveled too, offered something unique. I never did study abroad in college. Couldn’t afford to. And my most recent job, as I have said a million times before, was just awful. Their employee satisfaction was not on their list of priorities. So I walked. Life is too short. For all I know, tomorrow could be my last day on Earth. I like to live life, live each day, as if tomorrow where my last day. If I knew, that I was going to die by the end of the day, would I be happy with my choices? Would I be happy with the life I have chosen to live. There is a quote that says, “one day, your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”

Of course, I was all packed and ready to go. And then I met a guy. And that guy kind of rocked my world. I’ve never really seen relationships around me work. But, this guy and I have something special that no one will ever understand. We click and work so well together, and he makes me feel like a queen. Seriously, he wanted to meet my parents, he wanted to take me out on romantic dates. He is open and honest, caring and considerate. He makes me laugh. We make each other happy. I have been more happy with him over the past couple months than I was in my four year relationship with he who shall not be named (not Lord Voldemort—muhahaha).

And since things are getting much more serious between us, I won’t have any regrets. I won’t have any resentment. I will not sit back in the relationship  wishing that I was somewhere else, wishing that I could travel. I would have done it. I would have gotten it out of my system, just like I wanted to. Mark you, I will always want to travel. But I have done my solo journey, and I will come back to the USA much stronger, and more knowledgeable for it.

As Marilyn Monroe once said, “We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid, so are regrets.”


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